Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Zohor Rant 2015.12.15

Ever been in position where you already lying in your bed but still cannot shut down?
I always do.
The brain activities just wont stop. *sigh*

Thinking on your late friends..
Your mistakes..
Your ideas..

Things you realise now that you dislike..
Future plannings..

Everything just keep appearing.

You just think about one thing.
Then it linked to another and another.
Then you realized its already 3 am when you start feeling drowsy.

Just like right now.
I suppose to take a nap 1~2pm.
But my brain was thinking about a friend that i did her wrong.
Even thinking of sending her sorry card.
Then try to forget it by playing my nephew video. He just few days old.
I thought by seeing that video will calm me down and make me sleepy.
But other things kick in.
Since he in KB now,
I was reminisence back on KB's memories and a certain someone which I quite fancy.
Then try to shudder it by writing this blog.
I feel sleepy now.
But already 1:55pm.
5 mins left.
There goes my nap.
Oh well.

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