Thursday, September 16, 2010

it seems perfect for me..

a layback day that i would like to spend it in the long term..

0600: subuh
0700: in front PC checking emails,surfing, breakfast, read newspapers
1000: do laundry, folding if required.
1200: out. [location: queensbay], zuhur, lunch + gossiping, window shopping, try every high heels shoes,asar, play some more at toy r us + go in the weird stuff selling shop, mahgrib, isyak, read books at borders until it closed.
2330: back home, check emails. read short stories.
0227: get some sleep.

well..all this is possible if:
1) i have a lot of money and do not have to work for it.
2) there's a person with me.
3)own transport.
4) not tied to any commitment except live a life.

maybe go to funfair, Popular, or CD store to test all the songs... occasionally.

hurm. i hope i have a month free with rm3000 with me.

I have this spontaneous idea recently while doing the above activity last Tuesday while hang out at QB with wani, hazie, sya and ikka [ we watch RE: afterlife ]..
---->I would like to wear baju kurung on 1st date. [ if i ever get a date! haha ]

and while window shopping with hazie,
----> I would like to buy her maternity dress, the one she picked herself if she get pregnant.
[ this is valid if i have a job by then..haha. we're still in U, you see..]

HERE, im also would like to wish all the muslims, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI and SELAMAT BERPUASA ENAM ( jika buat)~

“Sesiapa yang berpuasa Ramadhan kemudian
dia mengiringinya dengan enam hari dari bulan Syawal
maka seperti ia berpuasa sepanjang tahun.”
[Sahih Muslim hadis no: 1164].