Saturday, November 19, 2011

Broken Arm with Smear Of Fragile Heart

Asalamualaikum ~

setelah hampir setahun tidak menulis, akhirnya tergerak untuk mencatat sesuatu.
Nak kata suka menulis, edak ler~

Just as a journal. Online journal. And blogspot has make a platform for it. So, I just, make use of what is been offered. Life is all about making everything easy, to be easier~ like machine! what is machine? something to make human life easier! ( got it from 3 idiots.. you guys should watch it! totally! especially the engineer boys and girls. Even its way past years, I'm still promoting it! haha.... =P

kemaskini yang terakhir ialah.. LI SUDAH TAMAT~
Latihan Industri sudah lepas, 3 Jan 2011-20 Mei 2011. Seperti biasa, LI memang membuka mata, sama ada kita dalam bidang yang kita boleh kerjakan atau tidak. Bagi aku, pekerjaan harus menjadi sesuatu yang kita seronok dan minat untuk kerjakan. Jadi, pekerjaan itu akan dibuat dengan bersungguh-sungguh jika kita ada matlamat dan minat.

every job has its problems,A key consideration in choosing is determining what type of problems you enjoy solving.
-Steve Elledge-

“Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life”
-Harvey MacKay -

well, i did enjoy solving SOME parts of programming code, but not entirely building a software from scratch. A software engineer is to develop a software, start from collecting requirement until maintanance. phew~! Im really not sure, sometimes.
not me. Can't imagine.

Lagi laa tengah nak menghabiskan Projek Sarjana Muda(PSM) ni. Kena buat perisian untuk kanak-kanak belajar bentuk. Kena ada benda gerak-gerak. Flash? uish~ belum khatam..
Serabut aku!

Anyway, few memories has been created few month ago.
Lets see...

1- I broke my right hand. At the wrist.

my cast.

2K wire insertion.
(is not really a wire, is a metal stick like nails, the nails you hammered to the walls to hang something, the bigger nails, not small tiny one when you do your school project)

It wasn't cool to have your hand cast up and went through an operation and your skin been sew up. I got into accident 27th August 2011, around 7.20am. hit by a car. Have to wear the cast for 8 weeks, 2 before surgery, and another 6's after surgery. Now i have to do therapy, because my wrist cant turn around. I can't wave, shake, lay flat on the wall with my right hand. Wrist job, jammed. The surgery cut? no~ you don't want to look at it. Almost 7 cm long at the wrist. The pain did make me cry silently and been sedated painkillers twice a day for 4 days after surgery.

2-Before that, I did not succeeded in grasping a MCPD certificate from Microsoft. Worth thousands which I took it for free. An opportunity that was not destined for me. Yup, I did a retake, but, still fail.

3-And for the accident that happened, I have to skip a month of the semester, which bring me down sometimes because felt left behind and feel a bit lost when attending the class now. Especially, Web Tech class. I feel this is the first time I struggle so hard for my study. The PSM, i feel a lot worst. Like I'm going to fail both of that. (ah... choi choi choi~!!)

no, this is not me. I did not dye my hair grey.

Well, everything happened for a reason. Always put your faith in Allah. Right? =)
I try to stay positive as long as I can be, but sometimes i can't help it to feel down and gloomy.

Bak kata remaja, EMO~ hahaha

Makanan hati tu makin berkurang la tu tandanya~

"~~hey now hey now, dont dream its over~~"
Dont Dream It's Over, Sixpence None the richer

But, I did do some fun stuffs while recovery and stay at home for almost 2 months.

berjalan ke bukit bendera, Air Itam, Pulau Pinang. Naik monorel yang condong hingga 30 darjah , mungkin, dari tanah. Seram~

Draw on my cast. Which has been remove before I go back to UTM.
So, sorry guys and girls, you cant sign on it~

rumah P.Ramlee at Jalan P.Ramlee, Penang.

Tempat, tempat lain : gurney Drive, Padang Kota lama, Kapitan (roti nan Terbaik~!), Muzium Penang.
Queensbay tak payah kata ar~ tiap-tiap hari duk melepak kat sana~ tengok wayang, metekedarah~ haha
Yang pastinya, Penang adalah SURGA MAKANAN....!
which kind of explain my chubbiness growing. in all area.hurm. problematic.

Along the recovery process, I drank lots of anlene, 2 glasses a day, haruan + gamat essence 3 bottles per week, ribena 3-4 glass a day. The worst part is the haruan essence. very~ very~ fishy! yuck! and only eat white rice with ikan bilis goreng, at that time.. Alhamdulillah, my cut recover nicely..and the bone injury too.

now, I took calcium tablet and multivitamin for continuous recovery. I also buy some hand therapy stuff,(equipment?) for self-therapy . Once a week, i go for occupational therapy at the Hospital, which like fisio, but not exactly like fisio. (get it?) haha.. Basically, I go and play with some wooden board for lifting, pecks with different sizes for strength and some hand twist exercise.

hand grip for soften skin tissue
( it become really tight , harden for not moving almost 2 month),
the black-pink stripe thing is for 5 kg grasp,
the red one is one kg lift. ( I still can't lift it up and down using my right hand)

I buy at DAISO,the japan's store in Malaysia. Everything worth rm5. You can see lots of simple machine there.~!

At first, while typing this, I light the perfume candle, but, it seem to almost run out, then I used the mafla(long scarf). I need to make the room dimmed cause' Ejat is sleeping already..

I buy it at Living Cabin, use the saucer to put it.
I used to use the saucer to put the wasabi to eat the sushi bought at JJ taman U~lala.
(true UTM-skudai student)

After Beijing, this is the purpose of the mafla. haha.
It really set the mood of the room~! huhu

Next week was my killer week. With KBES Test which the covered topic was all the topic that I did not attend AND submission of 70% of PSM Progress~ which short for-- Dead! haha ..JK.

p/s: I was waiting for my laundry to finish while writing this...

night breeze at Gurney Drive.

Night you all~!