Tuesday, August 24, 2010

visual studio 2008 and server problem

today is monday and i only have one class 5pm-7pm.
(nice lah~!)

today i come up with a problem when i was doing the lab task in the class.
while I was going to add new connection..
there's this pop up appear..saying
" the server is not supported..bla..bla.."
so, i check my SQL server..mine was 2008.
I google up bout this by using key word.." the server does not supp0rted visual studio 2008"
seems like it really a common problem among VS2008 user.
it says that SQL server 2008 is new and have some problem with VS2008.
only SQL server 2005 is good.
well, i dun have SQL server 2005.
there is a solution for it.
U just need to download the service pack 1 for SQL server 2008.
I got it from the ftp.fsksm
download the SP1 SQLS2008.
the file was ISO file.
a file we need to burn first if we want to install it.
so I ask pakcik google once more.
"how to install without burning?"
he said, you just extract it like zip file.right click and extract~
HOHO..simple as that!
so, I open back the new connection at VS2008.
and its a relief~!
that's pakcik google!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

. . . . .

sedih bercampur geram..x dapat sahur..dahaga sgt pg ni...
patutlah.".org ckp, jgn suka sgt, nnti mnagis esk hari.."
mungkin aku terlalu suka sgt semlm....................................................................

Friday, August 13, 2010

easy to say..hard to do..

I've been in frustrated state for quite some time now.
everything is bothering me right now.
I hope i can clear all the things before it become to messy.
get things in order.
right back in position.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


dah lama sangat tidak menulis.
JBCool pun saya tak penyumbang apa-apa. Sori bos!

I have the time in the world.
but .. something came up.
there always something came up.
I don't feel proud of it.
I got my hands full with..
SUKAM as sekretariat.. I just work from 8-11pm.
the heat of SUKAM is really get to me.
Updating the scores..winning team..medal's total.
while catching up with my studies
and others things.

I got game this Saturday, Hockey ( what else?)
I'm keeping my fingers cross.
don't want the rock hit same spot twice.
(pisang berbuah dua kali)
Actually, i don't know how to manage my time well.
that's my biggest problem.
With my LI is already in the process.
Confirm, at Tanjung Malim.
PSM1 full draft need to submit on 29/9.
things really getting hectic for me.
(and i'm not getting any smaller, no case of not eating, don't worry mom)
Well. thats all.

If they figure out why they failed,
and if they correct it,
then failure has great value
-Ken Hendricks-

something about Johor that seems to attract me.

p/s: i need a joker. to cheer up myself and cheer the joker if the joker is gloomy.
sorry for no photo to upload.