Sunday, April 15, 2012


im at pusat komersial section 7 right now, feeling the tense of Hazie studying for her test tomorrow.
The fell down of calculator broke the silent occasionally.
Its the third time already.
(showing protest for a new and larger, bigger study table?)

I will start a new beginning as an Executive of GICT PROTON this monday , 16 April 2012.
finally the moment of destined destiny which need to be fulfill after much awaited 3.5 years, arrives.

I don't know what to expect.
more responsible. Out of comfort zone.
more real life challenges.
i guess.

just have to wait and see.

what it feels like to upgrade you're status from student to working?
no longer need to put -"Student" at the occupation section.

now, Executive of GICT at PROTON HOLDINGS.



i will go to work, send off to work by my brother early in the morning and fetch off by him, or others on tuesday and thursday.

earning my own salary.
which i have plenty of plan on how to spend it.

"will i still be in my confort zone?"- is that what i worried about?
maybe what is Practical Training is all about...

I've been doing lots of thinking.
bout my place to at hazie's..but she will be in shah alam until July.
so, i need to get my driving license so very much fast..means before july and a car, hopefully.
i cant leeching of my brother and others, forever. right?

then, on june, I have to think bout moving out coz my rent contract is just until june.

Im thinking of meeting up the friends that have been everywhere in shah alam, subang, PJ..
around selangor.

chatching up.
to keep the feeling of warm friendship.

saidatul jokingly ask me to seek around gorgeous guys..find her a groom.
(your mission is good as done!)

what else?
is there anything i need to think about other than that?
now that im working... i need to think bout.
let put it a rest for a while.
maybe not now.
eventhough im 23 now.


have a lot to think.
feels like writing all the time.