Friday, December 25, 2009

Indie tapi Korea..?

there is..
CN Blue!!

this is their album cover
Jong Yung Hwa(leader, vocal, guitar, rapper)
Lee Jong Hyun (vocal, guitar)
Kwon Kwang Jin ( Bass)
Kang Min Hyuk ( Drum)

From your left, Lee Jong Hyun, Jung Yong Hwa, Kwon Kwang Jin, Kang Min Hyuk

my current addiction..

You might recognized Yong Hwa in You"re beautiful (Korean Drama Series) playing Shin Woo,the bass player for A.N.JELL ( band in that Drama)

he's in the middle, with FT Island's vocalist on the right Hong Ki as Kang On Yu , and singer + actor, Jang Geun-seok as Hwang Tae Kyung.

(link to their mini album)

consist of 5 songs:
  • Lets go Crazy
  • Now or Never
  • Love Revolution
  • Teardrops In the Rain
  • Just Please
All songs are in English, so , there's no language barrier.
I like Love Revolution and for slow melody, Tearsdrop in The Rain.
Their music totally out of mainstream of Korea which more focus on pop and R n B,
might be the main reason they debut first at Japan, more welcoming indie band.
Only 2010 then, they debut in Korea.
But overall, all those songs is great to hear.
Go Check it out! =)

p/s: just got back from makan2 with the Gegirls and Boboyz at anis sup Utara..and mizah is missing rite now.also pae. missing from UTM..

p/ss: I know YongHwa from that drama,You're Beautiful.. Totally diffrent from a person who sing indie songs..2 thumbs up for him for showing a great acting event hough this is his first drama series and first in his acting career.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Day looking Up..

This what i look
clear blue sky..
I'm fasting today,
class ended at 4 pm today,
so, got few hours left to break fasting..
Eza and pae was excited to do some throwing..
I join them after being force by pae..
go to near the SUKSIS house.
just next to our block..

while they were throwing,
I grab the chance to read "TUESDAY WITH MORRIE"
it happens that Dayah have it!

skii...dai skii~! MySpace

few moments later..

the dark cloud is nearing..theres small blue sky can be seen ..

KP is gloomy~.
raining start to pour..
bye bye outdoor...

Friday, December 11, 2009

isi minyak..

isi minyak..isi minyak..
isi minyak..sekrg..
minyak apa..minyak apa..
minyak apa sekarang?

minyak moto..minyak moto..
minyak moto..sekrg..
moto apa..
moto apa sekarang..?

moto honda..
moto honda..skrg..
honda apa..
honda apa sekrg..?

honda wave..
honda wave.. sekrg..
wave apa..wave apa..
wave apa sekrg?

100R ke 125X?

p/s: aku nyanyi sebelum nk g isi minyak moto aku sedar moto fara tu wave 125..
sedap bawak..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ever Heard Of Lisa McMann?

She's the author of Wake, Fade and Gone. 3 different book.

from Wake
"it has a great beginning hook, short sentences and chapters, lots of action and dialogue and an excellent premise"

Seventeen-year-old Janie has had a major problem since she was eight years old:  Whenever she is in close proximity to someone who falls asleep, she is pulled into their dream and forced to watch whatever it is that they experience.  While this secret ability has always been frustrating, annoying, confusing and sometimes scary, it has never been downright terrifying -- UNTIL NOW .

well, seems like a sick book.coz have paranormal stuff..
But, lots of interesting plot.
The best part is when its have short sentences and chapters (like it!)
and Cabel ( male character in Wake) is said " totally attractive". 
hurm..guess every novel @ fiction have attractive and hot guys in it 
and the girls will definitely georgeous..isnt it? 

So, I really want to check it out. 
Seems like nice book to read.

p/s: got into reading lately...

Monday, December 7, 2009


BRUNCH means combination breakfast and lunch; usually served in late morning.
Which I usually did.
When you wake up in the morning but it almost noon, if  having a meal on that time, you are not having a breakfast,
but a BRUCH,
Breakfast and Lunch.
i found these words while browsing about Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There..
In the story Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There,
there's a poem titled: Jabberwocky

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"

He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought—
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood awhile in thought.

And as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! and through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

"And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
He chortled in his joy.

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

The poem was written by Lewis Carroll.
It is considered by many to be one of the greatest nonsense poems written in the English language.
because of the words that Carroll invent himself.
and the words is hard to understand, sometimes it dosen't make sense.
Beamish — Radiantly beaming, happy, cheerful.
Frumious — Combination of "fuming" and "furious"
Chortled — Combination of chuckle and snort.
Wabe — The grass plot around a sundial. It is called a "wabe" because it goes a long way before it, and a long way behind it, and a long way beyond it on each side.

In Primary school, this poem was used to teach portmanteau.

 In This poem there's a lot of portmanteau.( port-men-tow)
- a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings; 

 brunch is one of it.
other example is: shopaholic, workaholic, smog( smoke & fog), motel (motor& hotel)
I just recently watch Mary and Max movie.
Max just invent a portmanteau, confuzzled- confused and puzzled. 
which never exist, though.

French regard portmanteau as a carrier, traveling bag
So, there's 2 meaning of portmanteau.

p/s: Just want to share. I was attracted by the word BURCH actually.haha
I think Im going to buy the EX5...i think...
coz of the flat seat, lighter than CT 110, Hazi said the Lagenda was heavy and when she fell down with the bike the other day, she couldn't bring it up.
and because of  the save on fuel.
so, above is the EX5, white, what do u guys think????
my brother said it is important that the chain has cover on it, which lack on most new motorcycles..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wait Until I get My hand On You..

(especially Tuesday with Morrie)

tgu dwit masuk sem depan...
nk beli moto lagi..
saba ainun..


Here goes..
I came back home on 22nd of Nov.
So far, I ve done:
24-25th Nov,
teaching Hazi how to ride a motocycle..

27-29th Nov,
go back to Kg Terang for AidilAdha..

29th Nov - 2rd Dec,
clear up the books pile in a big, dusty room in my house, upstairs.
Doesn't use so much this room..
but after clean up , I'm now use it to sleep and put a table, a chair to play laptop.
Wireless a good when upstairs..

30th Nov:
Go by the sea and have the delicious yet expensive mee udang.
ya la..she put 5 big prawn in my mee.
of coz expensive..

2nd Dec:
watch New Moon at QB::2nd disappointment..
maybe because a mind set or else, coz, new moon really don't live up to expectation..

4th Dec:
Aida ask me out at QB( same place) with ana amershah, nashy and I ask Hazi to tag along..
It was fun, catching up with stories and news of some of our friends back at Maktab..
Congratulation to Afiqah..we used to call her Afiq..
now we cant coz that really doesnt sound like what she had become..

5th Dec:
well, this must be the date to remember.
.::Hazi jatoh moto::.
I already wake up on 4am, coz sleep early after went out with the girls.(at 10 pm)
Me and hazi were planning to have breakfast this morning.
But, Hazi fell down on the way to my home on her sister's Lagenda
she had cut and bruises and she got blood all over her mouth and palm.
Her shirt and tudung was dirty with dirt..
her tracks were torn at the knee..
But, she ask few pakcik to start the moto's engine and she resume riding it to my home.
haha..she's strong.
(afraid to go back home I guess, I this is consider as minor accident..haha)
I took her inside my house clean up, get new attire and we off to klinik AbdRahim..
get some iodine applied, nothing broken though.
get some antibiotics and painkiller with some gel to apply at her inside lips coz the lips got busted also.
poor hazi..
we have breakfast and went home to my house first.
She's feeling better a bit after that.
when it almost 4pm, we're going to Giant Supermarket to buy some of my stuff..
I'm driving, of course.
then, send her home.
done for today.
sleep early too.

6th Dec
wake up at 3am..
surfing the net..
check mails..
Download tae yang wedding dress and where you at mp3.
awesome song.
(recommended to watch his move on the MV..nice, seriously nice)
and, write a new post...!

Credits to Hazi sister's Legenda for being the trasporter..haha

we watch the sun down by the sea after eating the mee udang..

haha..this is the rocks, the sea..

QueensBay (QB) in X'mas mood

stuff toys! one of the shop in QB..

p/s: My brother strongly suggest to buy EX5..I do like EX5 coz it has flat seat, not with the one back seat is higher than the front seat. BUT, me something else.
and Im going back to UTM on 10th Dec, 11.15pm. This THURSDAY.
yup... holidays is coming to end..hurm..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Craving For IT! Pau Pau!

pau yg putih..
isinya lembut..
wanginya kau pau..
nk mkn pau ar..
nk cr pau la esk..

tetiba masa tgh surf..teringat pau kat Kg Seronok..
makan ngn  Hazi masa nak ajar dia naik moto pusing - pusing kampung..

Day (1)
Starter Dough (A)

  • 75g plain flour

  • 1/4 tsp salt

  • 1 ½ tsp instant dry yeast

  • 1 ½ tsp sugar

  • 75ml water

    Day (2)
    Starter Dough (B)

  • 120g dough, taken from proved starter dough (A)

  • 360g plain flour

  • 180ml water

    Day (3)

  • 500g dough, taken from the proved starter dough (B)

  • 160g castor sugar

  • 3/4 tsp alkaline water

  • 1 tbsp double action baking powder

  • 4 tbsp water


  • 335g plain flour

  • 3/4 tsp salt

  • 3 tbsp shortening

  • Method
    Day 1 : Starter Dough A
    Combine all ingredients in a plastic container and cover with a damp tea towel. Leave aside for one full day to prove.

    Day 2 : Starter Dough B
    Sift plain flour into a mixing bowl. Add in starter dough (A) to mix. Gradually pour in water and mix into a dough again. Remove into a plastic container and cover with a clean piece of damp tea towel. Leave aside at room temperature to prove for a full day.

    Day 3
    Combine ingredients (A) in a mixing bowl. Mix well together until sugar has dissolved. Gradually add in ingredients (B). Mix well, then knead lightly into a smooth and pliable dough. Cover with a clean damp tea towel and leave aside for 10–15 minutes.

    The proved dough is ready. 

     To make the pau: Divide the final dough into small portions of 40–45g each.
    Roll each piece of dough into a round shape and flatten it.
    Put in a heaped tablespoon of filling.
    Gather up the edge and pleat to seal the pau.
    Twist and pinch off any excess dough at the last pleat.
    Place the pau on a small piece of greaseproof paper with the enclosed filling facing upwards.

    Repeat to make more paus. Arrange several prepared pau on a bamboo steamer @ some big periuk. [anything can be used to steam]
    Steam over rapid boiling water for 10 minutes or until the pau is cooked and opens up slightly.

    There you go!
    Recipes to make the Pau Dough~ =)

    [macam take time ja.. nk try la satu hari nanti..]
    satu hari nanti....

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009


    Alrity then!
    No more template changing.
    I think I gonna stick to this one for a while.
    The older one is the best and the most easier to edit..
    not every good looking template is easy to edit the way you like it..

    This one really nice , I like it..
    but, You have to change and keep moving foward (credit to walt disney) to seriously get some sleep now.

    GREAT! Just GReat!

    My blog cannot be comment.
    after cracking and mdified the html adjust the side bar and others..
    I notice that this code cannot put comment.


    Monday, November 30, 2009


    Planning to buy a motocycle..
    I spend whole day asking around..Bawang, Meng and Shrek and Mr.Google..
    Then spotted this modenas model..
    CT 110..
    eye catcher..
    like the white one.
    But this one just several option I gain..
    nonetheless, I known nothing about bike.
    But few spec I like is dual starter, and money save on petrol..
    I also consider second hand bike..
    budget  : less then 4.5K..including insurances and road tax..

    Few opinion ,
    Girls look cute riding a skooter...
    EX5, ble geng ngn shrek, adi n wan..
    Kriss..ok bg bawang..
    LC and waves 125 for fara...she like speed..

    Fast motocycle totally forbidden by my brothers which leads to not helping me to choose a motorcycle.
    Looks like I have to find it on my own..
    like to learn riding motorcycle. Not from them either.
    Not supportive brothers?
    hurm..well, certain situations.

    Well, whatever it is, I decided not to buy now.

    Lesen baru L maa..
    hbiskan dulu la..
    next year, February maybe, for my birthday. huhu..

    directly from auto-akasia.

    * Type 4-stroke single cylinder SOHC
    * Bore X Stroke 53 x 50.6 mm
    * Displacement 111 cc
    * Compression Ratio 9:3
    * Carburetor Keihin PB18 x 1
    * Ignition System Magneto to CD1
    * Starting System Kick and Eletric Starter
    * Cooling System Air cooled
    * Lubrication Forced lubrication wet

    * Type 4-SPEED ROTARY
    * Clutch Centrifugal and wet multiple disc
    * Primary Reduction Ratio 3.048 (64/21)
    * Final Reduction Ratio 3.0 (42/14)
    * Driving System Chain

    * Type Pipe backbone
    * Front Suspension Telescopic fork
    * Rear Suspension Trailing swing arm suspension
    * Front Brake Disc 220 mm
    * Rear Brake Drum 110 mm

    Electrical System
    * Battery 12 V 3 Ah

    Lain2 Maklumat :
    * Warna yang ditawarkan White Nova,Gold Suria,Silver Sfera dan Red Iris.
    * TPS ‘Throttle Positioning System’.
    * Tangki minyak 5.3liter (terbesar dalam kelasnya).
    * 3S – Stabil, Selesa, Selamat.
    * Banyak lagi ciri menarik yang jarang ada pada model2 KAPCAI.. check-it-out..!

    Torn In Between..

    zaza ask zuzu to go back to UTM with her on Saturday..means, arrive at UTM on Sunday morning..
    Meanwhile, zuzu really want to go back earlier than that. Thursday maybe..
    Zaza and zuzu was friends since primary school, but haven't seen each other for 4 years now..
    for the sake of old friends, zuzu just say ok, but deep inside, she really want to go back early..
    zaza had ask zuzu before , last year, but zuzu turn it down with a bit of guilt. 
    This time zaza ask with a lot of those magic word.."plizz3.."

    haish.. me out here...

    p/s:kalu korang kat tempat dalam situasi cm nh cm na..dan kebetulan korang adalah seorang perempuan.

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009


    tak bapa suka duk umah..

    ok ja.
    suka dan tak suka jugak.

    ntah ar.
    yg pasti, aku tak suka kalu duk umah


    p/s: sedikit penambahan kat tepi blog..ikanikanku n trafic..selepas menggodek coding html tu..hurm..


    the layout has change as you guys can see..
    more alive than before..

    this template only allow 3 widgets.
    How am I going to put my fishes???
    the blog links???
    all all other widget that I want to put..?

    you see, I already open the page Element on the blogger..
    to add HTML Script, but the boxes are out of range!
    I cant even move them.
    Only 1/4 of the box can be see.[look below, I circled the location of the box]

    add wiget's HTML in blog template's HTML?
    that is the one I would like to to if there no other solution.
    It is not easy to crack the code.
    I've tried!
    takes time....hurm..
    solution plizzz!

    p/s: posting in totally english..haha

    Practice Makes Perfect!

    ini cerita tentang belajar menaiki motosikal.
    haha =P

    sejak dah pandai bawak moto..
    dah macam2 moto dah bawak..
    dari yang susah, hinggalah yang senang.

    nak belajar pon, bukan senang.
    mmg based on real life experience, takde nak ada formal kelas.

    Pengalaman untuk diajar menunggang moto..
    lama dahulu la..
    abg yang 3rd nak ajar naik moto..
    moto abg 1st yang ada clutch.
    hurm..tak berjaya and he gave up on me. Done.
    Next, yang 2nd, out of the blue, nak ajar naik moto dia yang guna gear kaki tu.
    time tu, kat tepi sungai..
    masuk Gear 1, ok...
    next, Gear 2..masih ok...tapi, masa nak selekoh tu..
    hurm...jatuh. seb bek tak masuk sungai. skit ja lagi.
    [ moment of embarrassment.. ]
    well..thats it. no driving lesson, EVER, from my brothers.

    then, sem nh..ntah cm na..nk sangat tahu naik moto..
    masa tu dah lambat nak g kelana siswa..
    mintak lyn hantarkan..
    masa dalam lif nak ke park mto ..
    ckp la kat Lyn.." nanti bila2 ajar ar aku naik moto.."
    Lyn senyum je.
    So, sampai ja kat Park moto, lyn start enjin Egonya...
    " ha, nah, bawak la.."
    "hah??? sekarang..?? "
    "ya la."

    ok. aku pon naik la.Lyn duk belakang.sambil typing sms.
    Selamba tol Cikgu Linda.hehe..thanks to her~
    aku pon bawak la..
    haha..syok~! angin!
    bawak la dari KP sampai ke PK..Pusat Kesihatan.. [hurm..KP, PK..PK, KP..]
    sejak tu la,,rajin beno pinjam mto Lyn..
    then, test moto fara fara..aku tak bapa engat cm na aku blaja..
    tapi, take times skit nak mahir gear kaki tu..
    fara pon, rajin ngajar jugak..
    Anosa too..hehe..
    masa nk setelkan benda2 jamuan raya, masa tu la naik GT akmal.
    pusing Harta Bina..HEP, then back to Harta Bina, K9..
    then balik KP..
    Anosa mmg takot kalu naik ngn aku..
    but, dun driving skill has improved.[I think..]
    Thanks you all~!!!
    lastly..dah boleh la skit2..[tak, tak, banyak2..haha]

    macam bawak mto fadh, 1st time guna starter kaki.
    thanks to eza..

    but, masa pinjam moto fara masa cuti, pernah guna starter kaki.
    and, back home now,
    my brother's bike guna starter kaki.
    so, not a big deal for me.
    selalu pinjam moto dia.
    [dah tu ja yg boleh dipinjamkan...]

    weakness sekarang..
    selalu lupa padam signal.
    kalau dulu,
    lupa turun gear masa dah tak nak guna..but, lately, more alert now.

    setakat nh..
    dah macam2 ORG punya moto dah bawak.
    [bila lah nak ada mto sendiri..lesen pon tak hbis lagi..hwaaa..]

    GT milik akmal..
    moto fara,,
    skut EGO Lyn..
    moto seha..
    moto fadh..
    moto abg saya..
    next to my collection: Lagenda, milik kakak Hazi.

    and lesson i've learnt when im back home is: haha~ Isi minyak moto.
    kena selalu goyang-goyang moto masa nak isi tu..

    blaja naik moto adalah sesuatu yang menyeronokkan!

    p/s: mungkin dah ramai pandai bawak moto, tapi, saya tetap nk bercerita. (^_^)
    duk umah mmg bosan..akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk survive!!!

    Thursday, November 19, 2009


    bangun pkul 7 am..
    download movie...
    cari breakfast kat meranti....
    naik moto fara, boncengkan Miza...
    Pusing2 UTM..
    naik balai cerap...
    yela, masih siang an..huhu
    naik FKKSA...
    balik bilik...
    makan nasi lemak yang sedap..
    dgn teh tarik kaw..
    Miza mkn nasi ambang..
    derma skit ayam kat aku..
    ngn mee..
    dah macam nasi ambang dah nasi lemak aku..
    lepas zuhur tu..
    tdo jap..
    pkul 3 pm..
    kuar g UMall..
    tgk 2012..
    even seat lain2.
    Miza F5..
    aku E11..
    no hal.
    Popcorn 2 set.
    TIP TOP!
    habis tgk..
    g JayJay Taman U..
    asar ngn maghrib..
    pekena KFC..
    garden salad, twister roll, ngn hot rods.
    round2 taman U cr cover moto..
    tak jumpa,salah kedai mungkin.
    sampai UTM dalam koi 8.45pm..
    "naik balai cerap jom!"
    naik la..
    Miza bawak macam kat litar F1..
    sampai kat atas..
    sambil melemparkan pandangan di panorama malam Johor...
    what a day~

    bagun pagi..
    ejat kol..
    online cr movie..
    "cuba tgk aimswebs kau"
    miza ckp..
    bukak la senarai tampal tu...
    dah penuh semua result.
    tetiba kelihatan satu "C"
    nasib tak belajar sungguh2.
    ngaji tak ckop kuat.

    p/s: MySpace

    Saturday, November 14, 2009


    Friday, November 13, 2009

    .::mood killer::.

    A is getting ready as B is waiting for A in car park, B is rush in time.
    B already waited for A for 5 minutes, A is already finished at 5.2minutes.
    That exact time, 5.2minutes, B call A and said "You getting ready too long,
    I got to go now, bye!".
    B left A, who already finished getting ready.

    A feels: Upset
    B fees: just fine. I guess.

    I feels that,
    1) its feels good if B ask A not to get ready as A will make B delay.
    so, A dont have spend time to get ready and doesn't get hurt to be left

    2)Just wait for 0.2 minutes as B already waited for A for 5 minutes, it doesn't hurt
    or change anything if you waited for only 0.2 minutes.

    and what really upset is,
    A already running to the car park and just 2 meters away from B
    as A got that phone call that B is going to left A.
    A just said nothing.
    just walk back to A's home.mortified.
    and kills A's mood for today.

    well, this might be mostly perspective of A.
    how about B's perspective?
    IDK. Ask B.

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    do ONLY what it takes?

    normal, enough.

    do we really need to go beyond the necessity?

    berikut merupakan bnda yang terlintas dalam fikiran aku buat sementara waktu nh..
    just want to share..

    here goes.

    selama aku hidup nih.
    aku buat sekadar yang termampu.
    never think to be the best.
    just do what is enough.
    do what only it takes to complete it.
    no need to overdo or do extra.
    Just enough.
    to survive.
    To remain alive or in existence.

    "dah ok dah tu.."
    "cukup lah.."

    "kira ok pa..."
    easily give up? well, there's a lot of definition and meaning to that.
    kadang-kadang, ada perjuangan yang tak perlu menang.

    bagi aku, banyak perjuangan yang tak perlu menang, hahaha~

    perlukah kita untuk menjangkau batasan diri?
    menganggar sejauh mana kemampuan kita?
    If you want the best,
    you got to be the best.

    do everything the best way.

    What's the reward if we truly proved that we are good?
    best among the best.

    I never wanted more than enough.
    do what it takes.

    p/s: mungkin sbb letih bila bekerja keras.
    baju LD ngn Blok dah siap.aku siap dah pakai masa taip nh.hehe
    perasmi? boleh la..
    inilah 4th design aku yang di mass-produce.
    well, takdak la mass sgt, tapi lebih sepuluh la.haha
    1st adalah masa wat batch button, hurm..tak brapa nk berjaya. Gomen.

    baju dlm plastik...

    tulisan belakang

    tulisan depan

    Thursday, November 5, 2009


    sebagaimana miza suka merenung bawah ke jalan depan U4 tu..
    letakkan tangan kat bingkai tingkap tu..
    bukak tingkap luas2..
    kalu kena ngn angin yang sepoi2..
    mmg akan berjam2 jugak dye statik dgn keadaan tu..
    aku pon kadang2 layan gak..

    pernah tak korang cm tu?
    staring non stop..tak pikir bnda lain.
    staring and staring again.........................................


    aku br tuka screen saver..ada bubble..
    bila bubble tu kuar..
    I CANT stop staring.
    tgk je bubble tu...
    agak lama gak..
    cm 10-15 minit gak..
    pastu nasib baik cm tersadar.hahahaa

    gila ar. nk exam last paper esk!!!!!
    stdy ainun!

    Wednesday, November 4, 2009


    tak tahu kenapa..aku sangat suka ambik gambar makanan..

    bagi aku, makanan mampu mengumpulkan manusia tanpa perlu diajak..
    food is very powerful stuff!
    yang tak kenal boleh jadi kenal..
    yang sedia kenal, menjadi lebih2 kenal.=)


    latest food. Kak mimi mask sebentar tadi. hehe..sedap tak??? nmpak menyelerakan kan?
    nik mula2 dtg nk mintak tebuk kicap..
    pastu dtg survey sos..bagi je la yang mana ada..
    sos McD yg peket punya..
    Tomat eza turut terkorban..huhu..(saba ye chumel~!haha)

    next is kat Chaw Praya(betul ke aku eja? kat taman U tu..dekat ngn JJ)

    habis ja paper network, koi 5, patotnya hbis koi 5.30 ptg,
    tapi kuar awal sbb memang dah tak tahu nk tulis apa..
    naik je Pak Aji...singgah CIMB utm, eza tekan dwit, trus ke Taman U.
    ada la telur bungkus, tomyam ayam, kerabu sotong, kerabu mangga, kailan ikan masin
    dan tak dilupakan jugak sotong tepung..
    makan ngn nasi putih. except eza yang order nasi goreng cpraya..nasi dalam bot tu.
    dalam koi 6.30ptg, dah sampai bilik.
    solat asar.
    ngam2 je.
    tapaukan pae nasi grg tu jugak.
    Pae tak ble ikot kuar makan, dye nk pekse. Pae skip2.

    berikut2 muka2 menjamu selera...hehe

    gambo aku? takdak. sibuk amik gambar org.huhu

    ini pula..suatu ketika lepas balik dari tulun2 senior2 wat C++
    di pagi buta..
    terasa kelaparan , bertemankan pae.

    kelihatan, magi cup. malam tu kitaorang try perisa vegi, cendawan dengan ramen.
    sedap.serius.cap Super.mmg Superb ar. Sape ckp Malaysia food tak sedap?haha

    beli gak jus. suka minum jus. budak2 nh la.
    dan jugak..kerepek2 3 jenis semuanya..pedas, ala2 Black Pepper ngn kepek pisang.
    hasil dari sistem barter Hamizah Hamka.
    dengan siapa? haha..tnya dia sendiri..~kantoi~


    western food.

    di waktu tgh nak sgt2 makan. tak salah..ada pae, sue angn eza.

    last but not least, ha.." JGN PK KO SELAMAT"
    hahahahah..bday Miza.
    Secret Recipes.
    Choc Indulgence.

    Well..dats ol folks!

    together with this food, there's a lot of memory created along eating it~

    Saturday, October 31, 2009



    [oh! leha sungguh tegar]



    pemusnahku adalah kumbang~
    runtuh bila ku kelayuan~
    inpianmu adalah masa..
    untuk menikmati segala..
    belum pasti, dirimu bahgia..

    #what else...hurmmm..
    thats ol I guess..

    tak dilupakan jugak utk kawan2 kos lain!
    selamat berjuang~!

    p/s: paper SADM(2/11), CCNA(3/11), NETWORK(4/11).....SIMU(6/11)
    tak suka paper yg berderet2..hurm... MySpace

    Thursday, October 29, 2009


    aZLaN aziz: ko nk g kursus asas keusahawanan x?16-20nov...
    ajak r membe2 ko yg lain...rugi x g...

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: bila last bg nama?
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: kau g tak?
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: sapa lg yg join?

    aZLaN aziz: last esk tghr
    aZLaN aziz: ade junior pompuan g...
    aZLaN aziz: ak nk g,tp xdpt sbb 16-21 ak g pembentukan jkm

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: kau jkm lg ke?

    aZLaN aziz: dak klas ak plak rmai yg xnk g sbb aritu kitorg da g,and tempat die same...aah

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: kalu esk last..mmg aku tak g ar.termasuk kawan2 disini

    aZLaN aziz: knape plak
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: suma sibuk stdy ar.

    aZLaN aziz: ala,bg name je...
    aZLaN aziz: tp rugi dowh x g...
    aZLaN aziz: sumpah rugi
    aZLaN aziz: khursus ni,klu org biasa,slalunye nk g kursus mcm ni sampai kene baya rm2000 tau
    aZLaN aziz: kite student dpt g free je
    aZLaN aziz: tempat plak besh,kt hotel
    aZLaN aziz: kt d'village resort melaka
    aZLaN aziz: mkn da la sedap gile
    aZLaN aziz: mcm makan kt hotel
    aZLaN aziz: siap ade kolam lg,plak en.ishak bg outing time petg
    aZLaN aziz: kt situ dkt je ngn tmpat2 kt mlake mcm tman buaya,dll
    aZLaN aziz: klu ak x g jkm,da lame ak nk g lg
    aZLaN aziz: siyes rugi kl0 xg
    aZLaN aziz: harap ko pk2 kn la ek....

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: pergh.kau. mmg. tak sia2 jadi biro usahawan.
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: ada bkt.
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: ayat habis2an.
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: ok.
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: aku akan pikir2kan.
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: ajak budak2 lain sama weyh..

    aZLaN aziz: ak da ajak
    aZLaN aziz: rmai yg xnk g sbb derg da g sem lepas,n sbb tempat sama
    aZLaN aziz: zul jkm ko knal x?
    aZLaN aziz: die pon pergi
    aZLaN aziz: n die pon tau betapa ruginye kalau x g
    aZLaN aziz: dat y die excited gile nk g
    aZLaN aziz: kursus ni mmg elok ntok mase depan ko nnt...

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: msa depn?

    aZLaN aziz: iye
    aZLaN aziz: mcm seminar kt dewan senat tu la
    aZLaN aziz: sijil die tuh mmg berharga...
    aZLaN aziz: same jgak mcm kursus ni...
    aZLaN aziz: ha,sijil tu ade kt ak
    aZLaN aziz: asek lupe je nk bg
    aZLaN aziz: sijil seminar usahawan kt dewan senat dulu

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: ow, ok.
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: bila2, bg ar.

    aZLaN aziz: ok
    aZLaN aziz: so cane?nk g x kursus tu??
    aZLaN aziz: sume kolej g...
    aZLaN aziz: setiap kolej kene anta 20org
    aZLaN aziz: sblm ni 15org
    aZLaN aziz: time ni la ko nk kenal pakwe2 hensem dr sluruh utm skudai
    aZLaN aziz: include utm city campus skali
    aZLaN aziz: hehehe
    aZLaN aziz: nnt dak2 utm kL pon ade yg g

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: ewah~kau...
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: haha
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: ayat tak ble blah.

    aZLaN aziz: saje je nk pancing
    aZLaN aziz: hehe
    aZLaN aziz: plez...tolong l support ak......
    aZLaN aziz: *la

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: kejap
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: free?

    aZLaN aziz: yup

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: no charge lgsg?

    aZLaN aziz: FREE OF CHARGE

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: antara tentatif dye?


    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: pakaian? casual @ formal?

    aZLaN aziz: ala,kasual je...

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: setakat nh dah bapa org?
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: nk 20 ja kan?

    aZLaN aziz: stakat ni xsampai 10org...
    aZLaN aziz: 20 lebih sket pon xpe
    aZLaN aziz: sbb surat hep anta lambat...

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: nk nama esk tghari?

    aZLaN aziz: lebih kurg la...sbb petg tu lps solat jumaat da kene anta nama kt hep...

    aZLaN aziz: klu nk bg skrg pon bley...

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: eh.
    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: bukan sekrg ar yg pastinya

    aZLaN aziz: np
    aZLaN aziz: ok2
    aZLaN aziz: xpe
    aZLaN aziz: take ur time]

    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: aku pon tak tahu betapa bernilainya..


    S i t ! A i Nun B a S Y ! r A H: siap bolt. n merah.

    aZLaN aziz: EH MESTI LA
    aZLaN aziz: HEHE

    bagi cepat2..nnti melepas...adik2 usahawan..meh2 join!

    P/S: dah kena edit ayat diatas, tapi isi penting masih ada.
    pihak2 yg terlibat dalam ayat2 di atas, harap dimaafkan,ini hanya tujuan promosi.

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009


    You came along just like a song
    And brightened my day
    Who would have believed that you were part of a dream
    Now it all seems light years away

    Youre just too good to be true.
    Cant take my eyes off you.
    Youd be like heaven to touch.
    I wanna hold you so much.
    At long last love has arrived.
    And I thank God Im alive.

    All I need is to know it's for sure
    Then I'll give... all the love in the world

    Don't be afraid if you've got something to say,
    Just open up your heart and let it show you the way.
    Believe in yourself, you will come alive.
    Have faith in what you do.
    You'll make it through.

    Pemusnah ku adalah kumbang

    Runtuh bila ku kelayuan
    Impian mu hanyalah masa
    Untuk menikmati segala
    Belum pasti
    Dirimu bahgia

    sebenarnya..bnyk lagi lagu..cuma certain lirik yg aku suka...haha

    p/s: dengar lagu hanya bila nk wat exercise...baca notes..tidak la..

    Monday, October 26, 2009

    SEM NH..SGT LAIN KEADAAN NYA{}{}{}{}{}....

    sangat lain..
    stdy week kali nh..
    aku memang tak stress langsung..
    study pon rileks-rileks ja..

    2 hari sebelum OOP, baru tergagap2 nk baca OOP..
    tapi..aku sempat habiskan..cuma tak mantap untuk wat exercise habis-habisan...
    kalu sebelum nh..
    makan tak betul..
    tidur pon tak betul...
    exam datang ja..
    jadi cam tu...

    memang berbeza sekali sem nh..

    like I have no worries to score in this exam..
    Whatever happen, let it happens...

    Dah give up kah aku???????

    bawanh nh..jadual exam..kabur-kabur skit..
    tapi exam start on isnin, OOP, next day islam & isu2 semasa,gap 3 hari, data struct,
    gap 1 hari...
    3 paper berturut..
    SADM, CCNA Final and Networking..
    Then, gap 1 hari lagi..
    last but not least..SIMU..

    kena habis stdy SADM n Network dalam 1 hari?
    tu lagi aku cm susah hati..
    tapi, sekrg, tak susah hati sgt...
    coming soon..maybe?
    boleh plak cm tu..

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Idaman ku...Idaman Baruku...Tolong la..nak~