Tuesday, March 31, 2009


ok..seperti dibwah..
saya nk meng'tag' joegrimjow dan sitihajar..

MY first tag yg saya nk buat..huhuhu

Ok, this tag is from momo+nini..

my name:Siti Ainun Basyirah Mohamad

history: hurm..i dont know how I got this name.But it is from my father.
Siti=its for female..gelaran untuk wanita
So, in conclusion, my name is Eyes of Happiness..mata kegembiraan..hehe

Ok..thats all..!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


tok! tok!
bunyi pintu bilik diketuk...
aja bgn bukak pintu..
sudah terpacak faz depan bilik aku pg2..
nk gerak g Jrobik kat pesta konvo..
pkul 6.45pg...
aku bgn tgk faz..
tarik slimut, tdo balik...

akhirnya..g jugak la..
tp, sampai2 kat tapak pesta konvo tu...
instructor tu ckp..
"tarik nafas, hembus nafas..ok! terima kasih kpd adik2 yg sudi dtg!"
[gua semangat dtg..bgn awal..siap pkai baju oren ang lg..]

aku dtg tgk peluh diorang je la.
nway, dpat gak breakfast..huhu

pa pun..agak bersenam + berpeluh gak di situ sbb g tapak pesta jalan kaki..
jauh ooo.. KP ngn tapak pesta..
lari2 anak jugak la sbb nk kejar hajar n M..aku terlambat..

good morning, sunshine!!!

smiling sun!


I want a job that is stable financially..not so much pressure and can take me to places..
I like traveling..huhu..but only for solid purposes..

I want a good health..We do occasionally get sick...

person who loves me..like family, friends and my future husband(if I ever get married)
a person cant live alone in this world, they must have someone with them. do you watch "I am legend"..will smith? see what happened after his dog died..?
Then, you get my point.

Money..hurm..not so much..But, nowadays..you cant denied how essential is money to you.
It just an important item to live.
I just want money as much as I needed. If there is so much, I could be blinded.

haaaa..this one is what I want for now! Right now if Allah- willing.
I really want a bike this 2nd year..

And this one..I really want Him..
When im down... I know I can count on Him.
Sometimes, I do condemn my life..why there so much trouble..
But, often.."after the rain, the flower blossom more beautifully"
get in what i mean?
And even if things go wrong and doesn't fit what I was hoping for,
maybe there is something even more suitable and good for me.
Because everything has been set from the beginning.
We just have to let it come and search for it, by praying to Him.
Praying that..show me the real path- "Hidayah" and the right thing to do.

While I was typing it..
I'm beginning to wonder...
Qada' dan Qadar...
It said that even before we were born..
Everything has been set for us..
I strongly believe that.
But, how about "jodoh"?
Do we have to search for it?
Or just let it come to us..?
hurm..I never done solat sunat istikarah...Maybe it is not the time.
Maybe I'm also afraid and scared if I already know who is it.
Solat sunat to asked for sign @ guidance to Allah about who is our jodoh...
My friend has done it..and there is one man keep showing in her dream..
That man is one real close to her...not close as there are friend..
But, close as the man is an UTM student..

maybe I just let it be.
Let the man reveal himself as the Qada and Qadar has set it.
But, there is a saying that our jodoh is real close to us without we realized it.

But, do you ever wonder about it...?????

p/s: I'm 20..do I have to think about it? mean my jodoh??? Too soon???
Cant wait to get home and having a long chat with my brothers about it
!They sure have a lot of experience about it.
I really want to talk to them about buying a bike..
Do they agree???

Friday, March 27, 2009


isi lain..perkataan lain..
tapi, motif..objektif tetap sama..
move on!!!!! aja aja fighting!

p/s: abang kol td..hehe..haengbok!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Come to think about it...
Reality does bites.
Bites us to our senses..
that we are living in the real world.

When, we are left alone..
Let our mind wondering for a moment..
Our minds wondering far..far away.
Wondering what will happen to us in the next years to come..
What will we be doing in that time?
How does our look?
Does our relationship between each other held tide?
Who do we married?
How does our daily routines when we graduated?

And sometimes..
we wondering about things that is not here with us..
like our family..
What are they doing back at home..?
Are they fine?
What did mom cook for today?

and for those that have someone special and close to them..
They might be wondering...
What is she/he doing right now?
It she/he still mad at us?
When do she/he want to call/sms us?
Like to hear her/his voice even if we the one who listening and she/he is the one that only speaks.
Like to know if she/he is thinking about you too.
Things like that.
Things that running wild when we let our mind roam.
Roam from workloads and assignment.

You start imagining what will be the future YOU.
That you never even know,but, still, you continue dreaming what it is looks like.
Isn't it?

that's when reality bites you and snap you back to the reality .
Where in front of you now, there's a lot of
second phase final project,
lab exercises,
that you need to catch up and finish it up.

You don't have much time to still sit down or lay back on your bed..
thinking whats and whats..
because reality is catching up on you.

On the other hand..
Like my lecturer , Pn. Mazleena always said..

"There no such thing as 'I have no time',
because, all of you is given equally 24hours a day,
manage it.
If you don't have time, make time!"

Until this day,
I still hold to the words of her.
We sacrifice our time to finish the works by doing something else.
Like just now..
I just finish up watching a movie, borrowed from Ajim aka mas Rogi..
I could just finish the Oracle Assignment which need to pass up by tomorrow,
and then...watch the movie.
Guilty Pleasure.
Pleasure that brings guilty after you done it.

I'm not saying that we don't need any fun.
We need..specially when you are dealing with stressful workload.
We need to loosen up a bit.
not now.
I try to set my mind that kind of way,
I can't stand on my on.
I need them to support me.
Thins I usually wondering about..
Its all because I don't know about them, which I usually know.
I don't know how they doing...what they done today..them who I really care about.

don't keep me wondering...
Do tell me how you feel,
What you've been doing.
And tell me everything is all right.

~rindu kamu, kalian dan dia... penantian suatu penyiksaan~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

after a long quiet week~

After a while...
I feel like..hurm..
clueless about my surrounding.
neglecting my love oneS.
doesn't really care much about what Sir Seth talking about.
my bed a bit messy, but manage to tidy it up at the end of the day.

What I'm trying to say is.
I don't updates myself with I usually care for.
And people that I care for.
I seldom contact them.
Even my brother changing job and now at kangar, also I dont know...
my friend birthday, I wish him happy birthday a little, well, not little actually..late.


I lost a bit.
Do I have much time to cope with the updates???

Apa pun, yang penting, family come first.

Maaf la ya , abang... Tak terbukak email yang dihantar itu.

I really, really, really do not want neglect my own family
( if I have my own) because of work.

saat-saat itu di JJ tebrau. Rindu semua.

aku dan dia dan dia sempena birthday aku di Pizza Hut.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Internet connection di KP dan ladies day'09~

internet connection d KP sgt lambat ala2 siput gitu..
jadi, nk post bnyak2 pon cm mls skit.

sekrg tgh sibuk ngn ladies day..
saya harap sangat2 bahawa project ini mejadi..
memang happening la malam penutup tuh..

kepada warga KP..
siang, kita ada wat macam2..
aerobik! masak2 tanpa api dan letrik! netball 3 on 3!
netboys pon ada!!! untuk lelaki..7 org 1 team!
ada telematch ala2 explorace!
dan mcm2 lagiiiii!!
jadi..apa tunggu lagi!!
join la!!

malam tu pulakk....
ada diberi button badge!!!
goodie bags pon kita bagi!!!
macam2 persembahan ada~~
dean DSP tu kami akan seal habis2an..tutop !
org luar mmg tak nmpak laa...!
dan..org perempuan ja ada!!!
hari ini untuk hari perempuan sahaja!!!
jadi..apa tunggu lagi...
anta butiran anda..nama, num bilik...kad m3x ngn num fon....
masih bulih daftar sehingga 20 hb..
yuran daftar 2 ringgit, kalu nak mask...rm0.50 shj.@ nak cr sendiri pon bulih. no hal.
tema pada mlm gtu..ada lah masquerade candy nite..
baju bebas..tp, kena sweet ngn colorful..mask wajib pakai!!!

sekian makasih! penyertaan utk perempuan sahaja!!!(^_^)

Friday, March 13, 2009


Good news for me..
My laptop already been fixed!
On Wednesday, I called Dell Technical Support, 1800-88-1306,
and they asked my laptop's service tag, its on the bottom of my laptop.
Then, they foward my case to nearest Dell Technical Support at Johor.

While calling on the phone,
The engineer give me some instruction to do self-check on the laptop
To detect what exactly went wrong.
They asked me to press few button...
And lastly they found out that my LCD is the real problem.
So, anybody want to call the Dell Technical Support, make sure you are in front of your laptop or your system..
so, they can instruct you to do the self-check.

Ok, settled with calling.
They said, they will call me back to do an appointment and asked for my full name and my contact number.
Early Thursday morning, the engineer called.
Set! He'll come at 4.30pm, here. At Kolej Perdana.
That's what I like about Dell, they come to the customer,
not customer come to them.

After 2-4 class, I bring down my laptop and the operation happen at Study Room U5.
It took, not too long I think..
I was enjoyed watching him taking all the compartment of the laptop and replace the LCD.
We also talked a lot.
I asked his job scope, education background..experiences...Aja was asking too.
Dont get me wrong..he already wear a ring on his finger(married).
I just wanted to know how he got involved in this job area.
Then, its done! no charge as I still in one year warranty.
If I have to pay, i would be around Rm1K for one LCD.

Ha! forgot to mention. His name was Aaron.
He really can speak Melayu fluently...I mean without the Chinese's slang.
If you on the phone with him, maybe you going to think his is Malay instead of Chinese.

So, here I am now..posting this blog using my dearest beloved laptop.
I really miss you!!!!

semasa operation~

taking out the LCD

Testing the new LCD

Thursday, March 12, 2009

LADIES DAY'09!!!!!

this 21st march 2009,
KP is going to held a conjunction event to the Woman's Day(8 March 2009),
entitled Ladies Day'09!!!

Im handling the KU for Graphic and Multimedia..
Its a bit tough as the event is nearing..
and we also have lots of project to done..
Im glad that the Project Director entrust me with the position..
I'll try my best as it is my first time..
even im an ex-art student and taking seni grafik class now..

This one I made to promote the ladies Day..

to see it clearly...click on the picture,ok..
The theme is masquerade..
wear anything you like but, please don't sabotage the function by wearing inappropriately.
And mask is compulsory as the theme is masquerade..

This one is collaboration between U5,U4 and U7 of Collage Perdana..
So, ladies of KP, do feel the excitement and join in!
In the night, we going to have lots and lots of performances...
Pre-registration booth will be open at dataran U4 stage..
Registration fees only RM2...

see you there!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


For now..
I'm experiencing different type of job scope...

For the new photostat shop that going to establish at KP soon,
I'm the marketing executive...
It's all about spreading your market to others, as far as you can.
You also need to do some publicity and talk to other company is the wanted to join venture in this business, such as, banner printing, t-shirt printing etc..

For this coming big thing for us is Ladies Day..
Organize by our own U5 with Project Director , M...
I'm handling the Graphic and Multimedia..
It is about making the the graphic and slides for the events related..
Im going to form my own AJK under me..
I hope I can get few friends from SRI..
they who is more practical in doing graphic..

It's going to be a bit hard as my laptop is in comma...
I try to fix it as fast as I can..
The Dell people said, it only on weekdays..
since I called them was on Saturday, so..no work for that day.

My SE project is almost done..
My weekend spent with meetings and SE group discussion..
Early morning already start discussion to finish it up.
Pressure is on us right now..
(*I run a bit late for KU meeting as I went to CS with Aja, Pae and Feh.just want to lose it up a bit)

But, cannot enjoy or hooray yet..
There's another 2 final projects similar to SE project..

Which is Database..
We need to analyze the database of a company..
My group choose PK(Pusat Kesihatan)..
as it is near,in UTM..really do not want to repeat SE's experience anymore..huhu

And..HCI Project ..
to develop our own email interface..
which we have to design the interface based on user requirement..
we need to ask by providing questionnaires...interview..
The dateline is just around the corner..

Really an experience for me..
It make me realize that...
I am a workaholic.(i think so laa..Hehe..Im not sure 100% about that..)

I hope in the future,
when I'm having my own family..
I wont neglected them just for my works..huhu..

But, I like that feeling..
able to finish up certain works and involved with something I never try before..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More unexpected coming UP~~~

I got few more gifts along this week...

this one is from Hajar, my rumate.. Really enjoy reading it.
Its like panduan untuk menjadi wanita dan isteri dan ibu yang solehah.
Maybe too early, but, what the heck, Im already 20 years old.
Big '2' in front.

This green, which I named mohd, as Pae insisted the greeny should have a name, is from Tiqah and Zatie..
The little one is from Nor..

Thanks for the gifts girls...really appreciate it..
suka sgt..

But, dalam duk suka tu..mesti ada perkara yang sedih akan menimpa.
Sebagai pengajaran supaya jangan terlalu seronok,suka, ingatlah bahawa, bila- bila masa perkara sedih akan berlaku..

Baru-baru ini, selasa, 3 mac..laptop Dell Inspiron 1420 saya, telah terjatuh..
Memang silap saya, misplace and melindung pandangan orang.
Jadi, no laptop for the whole week.
Biar sahaja dia bersemadi atas meja stdy tu.
Koma sekejap.
Boleh on, lampu-lampunya suma menyala, cuma, skrinnya tiada respon.
Hitam sahaja.
Ibarat punggung kuali.

saya agak sedih.
Tambahan pula, project-project yang perlu diselesaikan.
tak dapat jumpa ijat weekend tu.hurm. tak pe lah. no hal.

Dan peristiwa yang tidak dijangka berlaku, berlaku jugak.
menambah pengalaman hidup di utm sebagai pelajar tahun pertama nh.

Saya juga mendapat berita bahawa Umair telah terlibat dengan satu kemalangan ringan, hanya luka-luka ringan di tangan dan bawah lengan.
Katanya, terseret tangannya itu sehingga nampak lapisan bewarna putih.

sabar lah abang, kete tu memang tak bagi signal.
jadah la keta tuh...

saya mengarang post ini pon mengguna laptop suhailah aka sue anak sinin..huhu
sebab sue kena p camping kat gunung pulai, kem kaizen.
best la dia.
weekend ini pon, ada expedisi hiking Genting.
Ramai kawan- kawan yang turut serta, meninggalkan aras yang jadi lenggang seketika.

That's all for now.
I will try to live up this blog, but, as long as my precious Dell could not be fixed,
the post will be more seldom and seldom.
Plus, I have my projects need to be completed.