Thursday, February 23, 2012


I scroll at hajar blog today and found this amusing little joke.

" macam na nk bagi nyamuk tak masuk rumah?"
"bawak masuk selipar dalam rumah, nanti nyamuk ingat tadak orang dalam rumah~"

well...its a laughing stock for me.

few days have been tough for me emotionally.
I just don't get in.

I stand my ground that for every mistake that happened,
there must be misconduct or misunderstood from both party.
there are no JUST ONE PARTY have to take all the blame.


people are too attached with emotion.
Just burst with emotion without regarding other emotion than their own.
Lack of EQ I guess.
the way of delivery the emotion affect other people feeling.
make sure the right feeling is achieved and its mutual.

Im complaining actually right now.
i feel its a bit unfair for being yelled at and have to swallow all the anger that have been thrown at you.
Its a bit. urm. unprofessional?

anyway. Its 2nd time from same person.
for the same misunderstanding.
for the same reason.
which i already cleared.
and each time "throwing tantrum" happened, i was left dumb folded and was not given chance to speak up or explain.

"its because "the thrower" hang up after gauging out the anger on me. with bonus and side anger from other thing.

-hang up-

I know this anger is result of underachieve expectation or misinformation.
do react like you just SNAPPED!
why don't you clear up all the misunderstood rather than bursting with anger, yelling than hang up!
(I almost about to SNAP! too.)


you --the thrower
you just lost my respect , trust of emotion control or any kind of trust and professionalism towards you.
I don't react to insult.
only to misunderstood which need to be clear up.


i think this also make me realized,
im lack in follow up and clearing things up.
reflect on your action.. ( muhasabah diri..)


signing off.

p/s: i have to deal with her for the rest of 3.5 years to come.
may patient and virtue and calmness stay by my side.

Sunday, February 12, 2012



recently I found out for not have so much typo is to look at what your typing instead of look at the keyboard.

so. cut to the chase.

So, after.............
2 years at kindergarten.
6 years to standard 1 to 6.
6 years to form 1 to form 5.
1 year in matriculation
3.5 years in university.

sum up to that = 18.5 YEARS spend on education alone.
we didn't realized that, right?

so, if we did, we would not wasted or flunk certain subject on the university on purpose to wasted all the more than 12 years of studying just to get admission to university. right?

what im trying to say is.
we spend so much years to get to certain point, but at that point we decided to fail.

ok. stops here.
welllllllll............................18.5 years is really long!

and now i 'm just lay back at home.
waiting for next point.
an undefined duration.
a 18.5 years of preparation just to apply for a job.
wow. i just realized that.