Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Resignation Letter

I wrote this today.
But, do not know the submission day will be.
But, today is today.
And this is how I feel today.

Resignation Letter

Manufacturing IT has been a very dear and close family for me. I spend almost 60% of 24 hours per day with you guys for the past nearly 4 years rather than my own family which only on holidays. Letting go was the hardest thing to do. But I know this is the best for the team.So, this letter is a personal one.

Firstly,sorry for causing too many troubles along this 4 years. Sorry for each unplanned AL and late coming after many warnings. It was never my intention to let you down many times and to cause trouble or problem for others. I assume the impact was on to me alone and never to hurt anybody else. I do try very hard to avoid this. I guess my effort was not enough.

Secondly, sorry for never up to your expectation as you have mention that my work result is average but never to compare with En Jeefery. To think back, it is perfectly true. I cannot think any handover task I need to perform to resign. All of it was En Jeefery's old task. Anyone can do it. I always feel like even I'm absent or present at work, there is no concern and not needed. It is all the same. Even the users preferred En Jeefery or you to solve the issue rather than me. I completely understand that as how it feel being in user's shoes. I do hope you know that I have given my best in performing my tasks.I even had experience restarting bizactor service while driving to work. It is one of a kind experience one would have.

Late comer, poor planner and average work had enough to put you in most discomfort position to have such subordinate and inflicted many problems to you and the team. I realised that now. The team is better without me. As all mentions above, I wish to stop making you and team be in the red zone. Hence, I'll take full responsibility and the blame. With heavy heart, I voluntarily resigned from this position as Software Engineer in Manufacturing and Development, Group IT.

Thank you so much for tolerate and guided me for almost 4 years. You have been a kind-hearted leader and mentor. Thousand apologies again for each and every and each misbehave and mistakes.

Truly sorry,


I know no one is reading my blog, let alone anyone from my workplace. Thats why i dare to keep it here.

Im writing this with tears all over. Non stop. We in manufacturing IT is like a big family. 

I feel really teribble by decided to just work at TGM today which I actually based on Shah Alam.

Then I got a warning when asking permission to stay few days more since no activity to monitor at Shah Alam.

The warning was about my unplanned leave and MC which always on Monday after long weekend journey. Plan carefully.

Hmm.. is he thinking im taking advantages of him?? 

Hmm. Whatever it is, it really hit me. Im not angry. Its gulity. Am I taking advantages of him this far until he have to give me such warning?

I feel like im the thorn in his sore thumb.

Hmm. Enough of this. I need to stop.
Im start welling up.
It start from 7 up until now.. i just wont stop. But slowly. My eyes really feels like ikan buntal right now.

Hmm. Tomorrow is work day.
That will never be the happy place anymore. 

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