Monday, June 20, 2016

Im over thinking

Its 15th Ramadhan.
I dont know what im feeling right now.
It feels..

Im at my home.
Still wearing sock.
I dunno why i still keep wearing it after back from work.
It feels warm, i guess.
Had my dinner.
Now sitting down on cold hard floor,
Leaning on soft sofa on my back.
Staring blankly in front.

Tears start to well up...
I close my eyes, frowning.
The rolling tears demand an answer...
which i barely know about it..

I just dont know why im feeling this way.
A heavy sigh..

I just got back from Penang this afternoon.
Playing with my two was such a cherish and priceless memory.
They truly bundle of joy.

I took a half day today.
Punch in 1pm.
As i stroll back slowly step after step to the car after work,
A thought came.
A rather questioning-myself thought.

Would it be better just to have quiet slow life?
I was thinking of changing job.
Would i be happy with the new job?
Why wouldnt i not be happy with current one?
Was it because it out of my comfort zone?
Why i over-think about it?
What do i want in life, actually?

I do penned down my thoughts of not having any of career development as of now.
If i jumped, i would be something else.
A career improvement,perhaps.
But, will it makes me happy?
Im mulling over this back and forth.

I put up my resume at jobstreets and there are some calls ive received.


Each time a call came,
I said "No, im not thinking of changing job at the moment."
See what i did there...haih....
What is wrong with me~~~

. .......


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