Tuesday, November 24, 2009


the layout has change as you guys can see..
more alive than before..

this template only allow 3 widgets.
How am I going to put my fishes???
the blog links???
all all other widget that I want to put..?

you see, I already open the page Element on the blogger..
to add HTML Script, but the boxes are out of range!
I cant even move them.
Only 1/4 of the box can be see.[look below, I circled the location of the box]

add wiget's HTML in blog template's HTML?
that is the one I would like to to if there no other solution.
It is not easy to crack the code.
I've tried!
takes time....hurm..
solution plizzz!

p/s: posting in totally english..haha

4 care to comment?:

green said...

yeah..bukan kah kamo so in love with programming..

all da besh ainun..
sure ada coding punya, x pun compare je dengan template lain kat bhgn widget..idk..

~ainun~ said...

haha..in luv???
huhu..half-hearted love..
aku tak bapa minat dah la programming..

ketupat said...

yeay..da ade ikan itu smule..
bile mau letak tikus2 tuh lak non

~ainun~ said...

ada ka tikus sebelum nh??..nk mintak letak ea?