Thursday, September 28, 2017

my 2nd breaking point.

Today is 27/9/2017.
Few days after 1st Muharam. A month of Hijrah.
A month where Muslim observe the hijrah event during Prophet Muhammad SAW and the bonds between Muhajirin and Ansar.
Typing this,
the song of Maal Hijrah ringing,
"Dari Kota Mekah ke Kota Madinah~
Atas keyakinan dan iman yang teguh, kaum Muhajirin dan Ansar bersatu
Rela berkorban
Harta dan nyawa
Demi menegakkan Islam tercinta~"

It really an educated song.
and full of Hijrah spirit.

It was never an easy decision.
Believe me.
I finally decided to end my career at PROTON Holdings.
The place where the young dream to work.
Its a National PRIDE.

The day I submit my letter was a day before Maal Hijrah.
I was so caught up in works and this notice writing and decision making that I did realized I was passing a great moment in Islam.
That passing evening I was with En Ajad discussing on why I came to this point - the breaking point.
I have a list of things that I have jotted down since after "the 2" incident.
Mostly on team management. 
Poor team management.

Right now, Im at Che Bee Guesthouse.
I will be at Tg Malim until next week and headed back at Shah Alam to finish of my last days.

this is my notice:

Please accept this as my formal notice of resignation from my position as Software Engineer of IT Application Management at PROTON Holding Berhad.

Although I’m required to work 2 months’ notice, I wish to leave after 1 month notice from my letter date instead as I am unable to work my full notice period. I apologies for the short notice and any inconvenience this may cause.

This was not an easy decision to make. The past 5 and a half years has been rewarding both personally and professionally. I’ve enjoyed working with a team that dedicated to deliver a quality product on time and strive to be better in developing system in the ever-changing technology.

I am most grateful for the opportunities for knowledge and growth that PROTON have provided me and take with me the valuable experiences I have gained during my tenure.

I sincerely wish particularly you and our team as well as the rest of the company the very best for the future. If I can be of any help to make the transition any easier, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you and best regards,


Siti Ainun Basyirah Binti Mohamad

Yup. It was never easy.
PROTON is already like family for me.
A real family.
But, it really hurts to stay here.
by the bosses.
"We have nothing to justify for you to stay. 
Kami suka ainun stay, dan tak halang kalau nak pergi."

At first it was not so much hurt.
As days goes by, it eating me inside.
Am I really that INVALUABLE to them?
after all those almost 6 years?
I felt like 40 years old woman coz' my days have been spent there than home.
Yup felt like being stabbed twice and twist it.

This what my Sifu said;
"Hmm sampai camtu sekali ke.. nak nangis saya dengar.. sedih le Nun macam tak appreciate as human je.."

and other..
"ainun, blah je lah! sampai teruk sekali mcm tu.."

those coming days, 
tears were really a good friend.
Being undervalue really do something to your morale.
But being receiving it twice? ; it make you into Depression Status : "Teruk."
Yup. I tested that yesterday, and that's the result.

* I paused, tears break*

Allah, do not me stay in this condition for long.....
Ya Allah if this for me,
this sadness is for me, dont let it ruins me..
I beg for your forgiveness and please replace it with something better...
I beg you ya Allah..
this sadness is . really hurts.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Walking Towards The Bridge

I've done updated my resume.

the thing is, i dont feel 'sayang' anymore.
its not there.
Loyalty? still have.
But to left PROTON, it feels calm.

En Ajad still keep watch my attendance right now.
I hope I can keep it straight this coming Julai and months.
Not a minute late or else you get a warning letter.
Warning letter.

so, yea.
Apart from no career improvement,
a watchful eyes like back in school seems like a red light for me.
I've being in boarding school my entire life.
no more.

I ask en jeep to be my reference, his reply was a bit touching.
He asked me to stay and if kinda boring doing manufacturing job, he can chip me in the mobile apps project.
finally. someone who know my value.

The thing is like my previous post,
once i said that i want to change job, they do not show any kind of sad or regret.
they even said "penang got a lot of kilang maa~". what an encouragement!
ok. fine.
Its not like I want some kind of persuasion or anti-encouragement,
but they do not have any lost-feeling?
i've been here almost 5 years!

I've also planning to move out from seksyen 27.
the house is full of termites right now.
and the landlady keep delaying to finish it.
I cant say much. Its her house, after all.

I think, this is new beginning for me.
at 27 years old.
to left all that hold dear for me?
I have to.
bawak diri? tawar hati? Yes.
Feeling under-appreciated? Definitely.

I will not know if a new place will make me the same way.
But I intend to have a lesson learnt from all of this.

I probably need to have serious time management.
Its time to learn more and practice more. ( Servers, networks, mobile apps)
Keep 2-3 goals in life in order to have goal-driven life. ( Hajj)
"Rest if must, but never stop."
To have a meaningful life.

to have a life review day by day, month by month, years passing by..
and I am the same spot with same branches, same bunch of leaves..
Nothing new growing.

Maybe if I voice out my opinion to En Ajad about what I feel of no career improvement and all,
I dont think any steps will be taken.
I once remember when azpa resigned.." saya tak boleh stop orang nak berenti..".
I do not know either azpa has been countered or not and what En Ajad said to him.
And with PROTON condition right now..i dont think he can change anything.
If anything need to be change, its me. Naa yaa.

Im not blaming anyone. Shift-blame.
Just to justify why I felt that way.
To clarify this big step of my life.

Maybe I have wronged.
 I came late.
I do not do my work properly.
I do not have own initiative to search for another tasks.

Im not happy here anymore.
this negative thing has been accumulate to a point I feel like I dont needed here.
Like trying to fix a broken clock.

This job, this almost 5 years where i spend most of my 24 hours,
has been a real personal to me.
maybe im upset to be treated this way.

Well, this is what i felt right now.
and it hasnt changed since last post or previous posts.

You cant fixed yourself by fixing someone else.

I just want to be released by all this negative emotion and frustration each time i deal with en Ajad.
i cannot avoid it anymore.
I deserve a calm and peaceful life.
no grudge. no frust. no fed up.

Right now, I just want to finish all pending tasks and have a calm exit.

I was never good at saying goodbye.
Usually I'm the one who stay behind and be the last person to left the place.
Looks like this time, its the other way around.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Im over thinking

Its 15th Ramadhan.
I dont know what im feeling right now.
It feels..

Im at my home.
Still wearing sock.
I dunno why i still keep wearing it after back from work.
It feels warm, i guess.
Had my dinner.
Now sitting down on cold hard floor,
Leaning on soft sofa on my back.
Staring blankly in front.

Tears start to well up...
I close my eyes, frowning.
The rolling tears demand an answer...
which i barely know about it..

I just dont know why im feeling this way.
A heavy sigh..

I just got back from Penang this afternoon.
Playing with my two was such a cherish and priceless memory.
They truly bundle of joy.

I took a half day today.
Punch in 1pm.
As i stroll back slowly step after step to the car after work,
A thought came.
A rather questioning-myself thought.

Would it be better just to have quiet slow life?
I was thinking of changing job.
Would i be happy with the new job?
Why wouldnt i not be happy with current one?
Was it because it out of my comfort zone?
Why i over-think about it?
What do i want in life, actually?

I do penned down my thoughts of not having any of career development as of now.
If i jumped, i would be something else.
A career improvement,perhaps.
But, will it makes me happy?
Im mulling over this back and forth.

I put up my resume at jobstreets and there are some calls ive received.


Each time a call came,
I said "No, im not thinking of changing job at the moment."
See what i did there...haih....
What is wrong with me~~~

. .......


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Penangan 5cm -Sebuah filem Indonesia


Usai saja selesai nonton filem 5cm karya orang seberang.
Tak dinafikan filem ini memberi satu sentuhan yang menyentuh satu titik di benak hati sehingga tergerak untuk menintanya di nota ruang maya.

It feels....rather. Young and carefree feeling.

Its about 5 close friends. 1 girl, 4 men.
They were really close since univasitas.
Then they graduate and still seeing each other after graduate.
a 10 years friendship, they said.
they were very close-knitted friends.
And one day, Genta proposed they dont see each other for 3 months.
And gather back at a specific place. Just wait for his SMS.
The time came and Genta lead them to Mahameru adventure.
A hiking mission actually.

Seperti cliche'nya sebuah filem indonesia, 
banyak kata2 puitis yang dititipkan sebagai skrip.Kata2 ibarat sajak.
Filem indonesia really good at this.
It makes the film feels a bit deep.
Make us really into the film.
Well, that happens to me, at least.

it has a lot of plot.
The unsaid love.
A breath-taking views of Semeru.

After finish watching it, I felt something.
maybe its because of love.
Yup. Maybe.
I never actually in love.
Crush, a lot.
Tango takes two.
And I usually tango alone.
A long crush for a friend? Yup. But it didnt went anywhere.
Girl-first approch, never works.
It makes men never interested in that girl.
Based on true experience. Experiencesss actually.

And maybe because there is another thing.
Pursuit your dreams.
Put it 5 cm from your head and really pursuit it.

" Sejak kamu punya mimipi, keinginan atau cita - cita, taro disini, di depan kening kamu, yang menempel, biarkan dia menggantung, mengambang 5 centimeter di depan kening kamu.
Jadi dia ga akan pernah lepas dari mata kamu, dan kamu bawa impian kamu itu setiap hari, kamu lihat setiap hari dan percaya bahwa kamu bisa."

being in your 27's.
do you really had pursuit your dreams?
deep down, i must say.
I want to have someone to share this life with.
And that is not happening yet.
What really comforts is..
"maybe is not the time yet."
"Allah never fails His plan."

I see myself as alone.
Go to work alone.
I enjoy being alone.
No one to pleased but myself. No stress..~
Then, the downside is, it really felt..alone. Sometimes.
And I always see myself as same position as years goes by.
Does I have improvement years after years?

Next is, 
the life of university.
Isnt it the time of your life?
Well, for is.
The carefree, the joy! the Youth!
Learning new things~!
the scandals.. hehe.
OH! its good to feel young!
You dont have to think on to pay the bills at the end of the months.
no commitment!
You can change what you want to do everyday~!
I'm not saying that I want to live in the past but that moment was make me smile and reminiscence the good ol' days.
like an epiphany!
ohh... i missed it so much!
*the kaleidoscope of memories keep coming in*

there is no single things that makes me want to jump start a new day.
Nothing to look forward for tomorrow.
Except.." if you dont go to work, no one gonna pay you."
"if you wake up late, another warning letter, and eventually get sacked, no matter how good you are or anything you have done to the company.You are NOT irreplaceable."
Working without passion. Working with lack of appreciation.
That's the thing.
No passion and appreciation.
Even when I said I wanna change job, they immediately recommend a place.
Its like.."oh, she's leaving. Its ok. Nothings change. I'm not feeling anything about it."
and here I am, feeling a bit loyal since its been my first job and the company is starting to get up after a turbulent. I feel like I need to be apart of  it and help it to stand up again.
Seems like my loyalty doesnt count.
Rasa sayang nak tinggal.
hehe. seems like Im alone feels that way.
Did I mention, I often tango alone?
My weakness.

Dats ol the 3 strikes after watching 5 cm.
It really hit me and make me want to write something.

 "Hari itu, kita berdiri diatas bumi, tapi dekat sekali dengan langit, dekat dengan Sang Pencipta. Sebuah persahabatan, impian, cita - cita, dan cinta tidak ada siapapun yang bisa membuktikan seberapa besar itu semua. 
Tapi seperti sebuah mimpi kita hanya harus mempercayainya."

5 centimeter, buat hati ingin berkata-kata.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Resignation Letter

I wrote this today.
But, do not know the submission day will be.
But, today is today.
And this is how I feel today.

Resignation Letter

Manufacturing IT has been a very dear and close family for me. I spend almost 60% of 24 hours per day with you guys for the past nearly 4 years rather than my own family which only on holidays. Letting go was the hardest thing to do. But I know this is the best for the team.So, this letter is a personal one.

Firstly,sorry for causing too many troubles along this 4 years. Sorry for each unplanned AL and late coming after many warnings. It was never my intention to let you down many times and to cause trouble or problem for others. I assume the impact was on to me alone and never to hurt anybody else. I do try very hard to avoid this. I guess my effort was not enough.

Secondly, sorry for never up to your expectation as you have mention that my work result is average but never to compare with En Jeefery. To think back, it is perfectly true. I cannot think any handover task I need to perform to resign. All of it was En Jeefery's old task. Anyone can do it. I always feel like even I'm absent or present at work, there is no concern and not needed. It is all the same. Even the users preferred En Jeefery or you to solve the issue rather than me. I completely understand that as how it feel being in user's shoes. I do hope you know that I have given my best in performing my tasks.I even had experience restarting bizactor service while driving to work. It is one of a kind experience one would have.

Late comer, poor planner and average work had enough to put you in most discomfort position to have such subordinate and inflicted many problems to you and the team. I realised that now. The team is better without me. As all mentions above, I wish to stop making you and team be in the red zone. Hence, I'll take full responsibility and the blame. With heavy heart, I voluntarily resigned from this position as Software Engineer in Manufacturing and Development, Group IT.

Thank you so much for tolerate and guided me for almost 4 years. You have been a kind-hearted leader and mentor. Thousand apologies again for each and every and each misbehave and mistakes.

Truly sorry,


I know no one is reading my blog, let alone anyone from my workplace. Thats why i dare to keep it here.

Im writing this with tears all over. Non stop. We in manufacturing IT is like a big family. 

I feel really teribble by decided to just work at TGM today which I actually based on Shah Alam.

Then I got a warning when asking permission to stay few days more since no activity to monitor at Shah Alam.

The warning was about my unplanned leave and MC which always on Monday after long weekend journey. Plan carefully.

Hmm.. is he thinking im taking advantages of him?? 

Hmm. Whatever it is, it really hit me. Im not angry. Its gulity. Am I taking advantages of him this far until he have to give me such warning?

I feel like im the thorn in his sore thumb.

Hmm. Enough of this. I need to stop.
Im start welling up.
It start from 7 up until now.. i just wont stop. But slowly. My eyes really feels like ikan buntal right now.

Hmm. Tomorrow is work day.
That will never be the happy place anymore. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Zohor Rant 2015.12.15

Ever been in position where you already lying in your bed but still cannot shut down?
I always do.
The brain activities just wont stop. *sigh*

Thinking on your late friends..
Your mistakes..
Your ideas..

Things you realise now that you dislike..
Future plannings..

Everything just keep appearing.

You just think about one thing.
Then it linked to another and another.
Then you realized its already 3 am when you start feeling drowsy.

Just like right now.
I suppose to take a nap 1~2pm.
But my brain was thinking about a friend that i did her wrong.
Even thinking of sending her sorry card.
Then try to forget it by playing my nephew video. He just few days old.
I thought by seeing that video will calm me down and make me sleepy.
But other things kick in.
Since he in KB now,
I was reminisence back on KB's memories and a certain someone which I quite fancy.
Then try to shudder it by writing this blog.
I feel sleepy now.
But already 1:55pm.
5 mins left.
There goes my nap.
Oh well.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rant on Daily Life 2015 12 05


Yesterday in my life history, I went back from work at 6am, on Saturday after clock in at 8am, Friday.
It was because of no data entry at Body Machining from PTOS. (the system I've been incharge of).
So, yea.

It start with I was staying up late at the office after work. Met up with night shift and they informed that the data that was supposed to receiv at 4.++pm on Friday, do not received at Body up until 9pm saturday.
Being there , in the office, I feel obligate to assist the situation and suggest the Body Machine to have a reboot their system, hoping that way, it will received our data.
It was a final call as we did many data resend but still no data at the Body machine.

To our dismay, the body app which controls the machining failed to up after boot.
It was 2:am in the morning.
I called every person who know about the Body Machine.
But all in vain as the only expert on the machine is a Korean guy who already went back to Korea.
so, yea.
We endlessly try to boot again up until the 5th time, we gave up.
I communicated with my boss through whatsapp and we successfully insert the pending data after try and error with few apps at the desktop.
but the Body app still fails to visible itself.
it was 4:32am.
How time flies when in critical moments.

I heard stories of one of our managers have a daughter who suddenly collapse and do not breath.
He immediately do CPR for about 20 minutes non stop. Having done that,  he said it was the most life terrifying and short moments in his life. He did not realized he been doing CPR for 20 minutes.
Her daughter is alright then by the CPR but detected a far more life threatening condition and had passed away few months after.

So the Plant Maintenance try to work the robots without the Body Apps and it successful.
The PM didn't know at the first place that the robot could move without the Body App.
And Body run as per normal at 5am , without the Body App, running.
so yea.
we learnt 2 things today:-
How to insert pending data to Body App.
the Robot can operate as per normal without the Body App.

Few days back, I was complaining and feel upset on how my position as IT exec in the factory.
Which I felt like having no growth and future career development as what I doing now is a routine and nothing changes for the pass 3 and a half years,
3 and half years is a very long time.
If having a kid, the kid could run already.

But then, this Body incident happened.
I felt like a change.
an eye opener.
Yes, I was terrified that the apps do not appear after boot up.
My heart skip a beat.
My hands were shaking.
I become numb and cold.
I was thinking..." Ya Allah..habis la. Macam mana nak jalan ni. Nanti output tadak. Nak kena mengadap lagi."
that was 2am thoughts.
Then, after relentlessly trying to search for some clues on the PC, called every person related to the Body apps and reboot many time, I felt like the butterflies had flew away,
I do feel regret on suggesting the reboot. But, things happens and we have done our best to resolve it.

And the part where I thought to myself.."habis la nak kena menjawab.." shouldnt be the said in the first place.
Why should I be afraid of the management?
I should remain on objective of assisting the body production and afraid on how body going to met their output target.
Yes, I do have to face the management on this Monday, to present on this issue.
But I shouldn't be afraid or having cold feet.
We do what we thought best and if they were the same spot as our, they would highly likely to do the same.
problems happens everyday and it does not stays there forever.
It will go away eventually.

So, this is the change of 3.5 years.
I do not felt so jumpy when encounter with issues or trouble.
Interact with many level of person.
felt high obligation to the assist and giving my best even if is not in my job scope.
I will not said " Ini bukan masalah saya" or " takut nak present morning market @ orang atas".

After so long, I found my passion.
I love helping people.
I love helping resolved other people's problem.
having doing that, it give me self-satisfaction.

But, yes, It does take a toll on me.
I sleep less than usual.
Have to pick up the phone occasionally for night shift.
Stay up late to study on the root cause or new enhancement.
Or do coding after work because you cannot cramp all task from 8am to 530pm because there always issue and troubleshooting.
And to get in the mood and tasks switching are real challenging.
My meal is barely nutritious and out of sync.
Having occasional headache and goes away in time.
My life in a mess right now as I neglected to fold the clothes and other household chores.
I felt tired all the time.

I read about when your life is not barakah or you are far away from Allah, you will be consumed by endless busyness of worldly things.
I do felt that way.
Hmm.... it just seems endless as I browsed through my pending tasks.
I need to repent and get my ducks in line.

I seek forgiveness from You..Ya Allah..
You gave me this to answer my doubt and uneasiness.
I shall do better in the future and hopefully able to see the light in darkest moment.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Berkisar tentang alam pekerjaan yang sudah menghampiri 4 tahun.

Melihat kepada coretan coretan yang terdahulu, aku selalu meluahkan perkara seperti " masih dianggap setahun jagung", "mahu buat lebih", "asyik buat kesilapan yang sama".

Kemudian hal hal ini bertukar menjadi..
"Tidak diberi peluang"
"User lebih prefer orang lain.."

Dan sekarang,
"Tiada perubahan."
"Tiada career growth"
"Semua menjadi rutin.'

Ada pernah baca..
Jika kita tidak puas hati, bermakna kita mahukan sesuatu perubahan.

Aku tergerak untuk nukilkan hal ni bila aku perasan yang aku sangat sedih , terkejut bercampur tak percaya bila di-rate semuanya 3 untuk semua keupayaan ku.
Cth keupayaan- usahasama, pelanggan diutamakan,fokus pelanggan,latihan dan development.
Di mana yang aku kurang?
Di mana yang aku lebih?
Aku sentiasa cuba pahamkan user akan sesuatu root cause isu yang berlaku walaupun user tersebut bukanlah orang IT.
Memberi latihan kepada user tentang sesuatu antaramuka baru.
Memberi initiatif baru kepada user agak proses kerja bertambah baik.
Mengekalkan hubungan baik dengan user.
Mampu mengadakan satu kerjasama dari team lain.

Bagi aku,
"Semua akan mati jika tiada perkembangan."

Matlamat aku sekarang untuk menjadi lebih baik. Berkembang.
"Future growth".

Aku merasakan tiada perubahan ketara dalam hidup aku sepanjang 4 tahun ni.
Mari lihat:-
Masih dianggap kanak-kanak
Tidak dianggap serius
Masih rasa ditindas / underrated.

Aku cuba optimis, positif.
"Kalau semua 3, jadi semua itu adalah kekuatanku. Tiada yang lemah!jadi, improve semua competency!"
-realiti menendang. "Takkan xdak kelemahan. Jangan tipu diri sendiri.Realistik sikit...."

*rate 3/5.
5:superb. (Aku tipu. Aku lupa 5 apa dia.)

Masih cuba positif.
Setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya.

Dalam kehidupan aku, banyak yang aku dah belajar dan masih belajar.
Aku adalah seorang yang kuat tanya hingga sedungu-dungu soalan.
Ada yang marah? Ya.
Ada yang buat muka dan malas nak jawab? Ya.
Ada yang ketawakan aku balik? Ya.

Bagi aku, berada di posisi dan situasi demikian,kebanyakan nya berpunca dari:-
Mesti ada benda @ sebahagian maklumat yang dia tahu dan aku tak tahu tapi dia anggap aku dah tahu.

Contoh aku tanya pasal C.
Dia anggap aku dah tahu pasal A dan B.
Pehe dok?
Dakpe la.

Sekiranya aku pula berada di tempat si penjawab, aku sedaya upaya jawab ja dari A sampai Z. Jika perlu sedikit demo atau penulisan, aku teruskan saja. Sampai si penanya faham.
Aku tahu rasanya berada di tempat itu.

Apapun, setelah seminggu bermain di fikiran dengan anggapan di-rate dengan tidak setimpal dan berada dalam keadaan tidak puas hati, aku lupakan saja perasaan itu dan teruskan hidup.
Dunia saja ini.
Jika merasakan itu sahaja keupayaan ku, terpulang.
Aku jalankan tugas dengan niat, inilah amanahku dan tanggungjawabku.
Hasil dari pekerjaan ini aku beri kepada keluargaku.
Bukan semata mata untuk mendapatkan rate yang tinggi.
Aku akan cuba tunaikan yang terbaik untuk jalankan tanggungjawab.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


dah hidup kembali blog ni.
tudia aih!

selepas lama bertungkus lumus buat recovery semula login id dan password untuk akaun blogspot ini,maka terhiduplah semula Little Words Of Mine.
Tajuk nak orang putih sangat. keke

Same old , same old.

Sama sahaja kali ini punya tujuan.
Blog ini untuk mencatat perjalanan hidup yang selalu tak tercatat kat diari walaupun dah bersepah buku kosong beli konon nak buat jurnal.
Moga dengan terhidupnya blog ini, coretan perjalanan akan sentiasa dikemaskini. 
Senang sekarang kalau kat alam maya. 
buka ja tepong. ha. solosai.

Bos swuh lena kat group Whatsapp.
Sambung esok. InshaAllah.




setelah lama tak update blog.
diari sendiri pun tak tulis dah.
sibuk kah?
* oh~ sibuk dunia yang tak pernah habis......................

Duduk di tanjung malim ni..
aku rasa banyak kelebihannya..
tempat ini..luas..tenang..
punya banyak kelebihan.
mungkin jika eriyka bersama ku..boleh lagi aku explore lagi apakah ketenangan yang belum tersingkap.
tapi, tak mengapa..
eriyka lebih berguna di sana...

seperti kawasan-kawasan yang biasa ku mastautin..
Pendang, Kedah.. (2 tahun)
Arau, Perlis... (1 tahun)
kini Tanjung Malim, Perak.
sangat berbeza dengan Skudai, Johor ( 3 tahun)
keadaan yang aku sifatkan.. hurm. Tenang. Mungkin.
di mana, jauh dari dunia hiburan.
Karaoke...shoppping....keluar malam..dan teman-teman ronggeng.
Ronggeng sekali sekala tak pa lah..~ =)

kurang interaksi dengan manusia.
Bila duduk sini..boleh kira berapa patah perkataan yang dituturkan..

Sepotong ayat dari buku yang aku baca,Diam itu Emas nukilan Abd Rahman Abd Majed
Terbitan Darul Nu'man.

Luqman Al Hakim berkata" bijaksana dalam mengeluarkan perkataan, tetapi sedikit sekali yang sanggup melaksanakannya.Menjaga lidah dengan diam adalah lebih selamat daripada memilih perkataan yang akan diucapkan"

Rasuluulah S.A.W pernah bersabda..
Barangsiapa yang beriman kepada Allah dan HAri Akhirat, hendaklah berkata benar atau diam.
( riwayat Bukhari)

Manakala Imam Ali RA berkata..
"sedikit bicara adalah sebuah hikmah yang besar.Oleh itu, kita hendaklah banyak diam, kerana diam adalah satu ketenangan hidup dan satu faktor yang dapat meringankan dosa."

Bukanlah nak suruh kalian diam ja..orang cakap..RIGID..PASIF..
cuma nak mengingatkan diri dan kalian bahawa kalu tak perlu, tak payah la cakap~

Benda biasa yang aku pernah dengar adalah, bila orang tak banyak cakap ini, mesti kena ckp..

Sebagaimana firman Allah Ayat Al- Israa' Ayat 37
"Dan janganlah engkau berjalan di bumi dengan berlagak sombong, kerana sesungguhnya engkau tidak akan dapat menembusi bumi dan engkau tidak akan dapat menyamai setinggi gunung- ganang"

ha.. jangan lah bersikap sombong..kamu tu bukan boleh dapat tembus bumi pun..apatah lagi nk sama tinggi dengan gunung.